Bazilika Garage
Sas street, Budapest, 1056
Introducing the parking garage
The garage is now done and in Hungary with an unique technology attracts people to park. The full-automated system of the first power-operated garage allows of placing 404 cars in 4 floors in a narrow area that occupies one-third of a standard place that is needed for an underground garage.

The other unique feature of the garage is that the cars will be given full protection. It's forbidden being on the fully automated floors and if anyone tries to get these floors, the technology automatically shuts down. In addition, there is no danger of causing any damage in parking cars with another car.
For the 1st time in Europa, at your service! Rent a Bike in the Bazilika Garage in the heart of the city.
Szent István square, Budapest, 1054 . Phone: 06-1 411-0697 . Fax: 06-1 269-0837