Bazilika Garage
Sas street, Budapest, 1056
How it works?
In the automated Basilica Garage you need to park your car to an automated transfer-room from where a robot takes it to an optional location. Leaving the place, the robot looks for the car and takes back to the transfer place. Then you can get your car.

To the transfer room it's permited to enter only when the light is green. The yellow signal means a short wait and the read one signifies that parking is forbidden.

During the parking a red-texted display helps you to drive your car exactly to the middle of the palette. The display instructions must be observed:

. stop the engine
. make the switch certain grade
. make the handbrake on
. pick off the antenna
. close the doors
. close and lock the trunk and the back door
. recover or take off the parts which are too big for the palette
If you read the note: the car is too wide/long/tall, you are not able to park and you have to leave the garage.

Completing the instructions you have to leave the transfer room through the side-door. Outside, next to the side-door there is a slot-machine that asks you more check-questions you need to confirm.

If there is a question you cannot confirm, you must go back to the car and see if it fits to the requirements. After the confirmation of all questions, the machine gives you a parking-chip that is necessary when you want your car back.

At leaving first you have to throw the chip into a pay-machine (at the 1st or the 3rd exit) and pay.

After the paying the machine says in which transfer-room you can get you car and gives back the payed chip. Then you need to go that transfer-room.

You need to drop the chip to the machine that is next to the transfer-room. After this the gate will be opened and you can leave the garage with your car.
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Szent István square, Budapest, 1054 . Phone: 06-1 411-0697 . Fax: 06-1 269-0837