Bazilika Garage
Sas street, Budapest, 1056
"Its a pity to have raised the hourly rate"

"At first sight it is strange and paculiar. But then it is great, simlple and not more expensive than leave the car on the streets."

"Your parking garage is very cool! Congrats!
But let me tell one thing.
So, that would be nice if I could choose the start date of the half-month ticket and not only from the 15th of that month. Maybe the solution would be if I cheese a date and I used the ticket for 15 days. Only one example: somebody comes to see me from the countryside or abroad for 2 weeks, but not exactly in the middle of the month. Then how could he use your services?! I would like to offer the garage to him. There is any possibilities? For me I would also buy a half-month ticket, just from the 3rd of march.
Ildikó Hanniker
For the 1st time in Europa, at your service! Rent a Bike in the Bazilika Garage in the heart of the city.
Szent István square, Budapest, 1054 . Phone: 06-1 411-0697 . Fax: 06-1 269-0837