Bazilika Garage
Sas street, Budapest, 1056
1. The Basilica Garage is open 0-24 hours, your car can be parked here with 2 meters high maximum. It is allowed to get in here by cars using gasoline and to park bicycles, motorcycles, trailers in the terminal garage. For strange people it is forbidden to be at the working places of the garage.

2. To park it is worth to take out all the stuff we need. If the system took the car and you need anything from it, you need to inform the dispatcher.

3. To start the leaving you have maximum 10 minutes after the paying. If you don't leave at time, the system re-parks your car automatically. If the car is not able to leave the transfer-room because of its conditions, you urgently need to inform the dispatcher.

4. The machine gives you only receipt, the VAT bill needs to be asked for the dispatcher.

5. Disabled person are waited to park at the gate 6 which has a special parking possibility.

6. At Basilica Garage there are a security system with camera and 24-hour dispatcher service.

7. You have total financial responsibility if you don't follow the rules of the road, if you don't use the garage correctly and if you don't follow the policy.

Losing the chip

At Basilica Garage you can get your car only if you pay the bill and the garage has no responsibility for the damage of losing the chip

You immediately need to inform the dispatcher about losing the chip on phone (411-0697 or 411-0698) or personally. He disables the chip after the informing.

You need to pay 5000 HUF for the new chip. You can't get your car until you prove that you have right to get the car. You need these documents for the new chip and getting the cars:
. individual: log book of the parked car, ID/passport/driving license, residence card of the owner. If the driver is not the owner or operator, it needs an authorization from the owner for driving and getting the car.
. company: log book of the parked car, main document of the company which is not older that 30 days, ID/passport/driving license, residence card of the person who has right to make a company. If the driver is not that one or operator, an authorization is needed.
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Szent István square, Budapest, 1054 . Phone: 06-1 411-0697 . Fax: 06-1 269-0837